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Racing in France

France has Europe’s best prize money!


With an average purse of €25,000 per race, French racing is primarily financed from the turnover of its betting. This is proven to be the best model and allows the sport's governing body France Galop to redistribute over €281 million each year, including premiums to winning owners. Prize money goes down to a minimum of fifth place for all races run in France.


France Galop offers generous Owners' Premiums for horses that finish in the first five places in any race (stretch to the first seven in certain races) on top of the prize money won: 60 % of prize money won for 2 and 3 year-olds 45 % of prize money won for 4 and 5 years-olds.


France has more racecourses than any other country in Europe and with also having easy access to Germany or Italy, it provides opportunities for horses at all levels.

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